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LOFTY Dating


LOFTY Dating


Best Dating Application User Experience

Tech Stack

  • ExpressJS
  • MongoDB
  • Node
  • React


  • Custom Software Development
  • Mobile App Development

The Background

LOFTY is a forthcoming private, invitation-only dating social network designed to connect high-value dating matches with a best-in-class geolocation powered matching algorithm. Founders Michael Donaldson and Avanish Giri approached Asahi Technologies seeking the application development strategy and consulting support needed to release a custom dating application that would deliver a new way for highly successful daters to connect with potential short and longterm mates through a more rigorous and advanced data-driven matchmaking process.


The Solution

To meet the client’s development expectations, Asahi Technologies set to work developing a bespoke mobile dating application. The finished product needed to provide users with a simple way to create a dating profile, share personal details, and connect potential matches using a better geolocation-powered matching algorithm.

The system needed to provide a safe, reliable, user interface and experience which would appeal to millennial and younger digital natives. Asahi Technologies provided the strategy, consulting, and custom software development services to create a highly responsive mobile dating application providing a world-class user experience driven by human-centered design principles.

Services Used

● Push notifications are launched using the Firebase Admin SDK.
● Images and other assets, such as conversation history, are stored in AWS S3.
● OTP is sent through SMS using AWS SNS.

Mobile App

● React Native (“0.67.3”) and its Supportive npm Packages
● Google Location Services and Google Social-Media Login Service
● Firebase Fire-Store Database, Storage , Authorization , Push-notification Services